Next Steps

Steered by the TTR Pilot Board, two pilot lines will start phase 2 of TTR: the path requests for timetable 2020. The two lines will also prepare to test the multi-annual aspect of the Rolling Planning Request method in timetable 2021.

For timetable 2021, all pilot lines including the ÖBB INFRA network pilot are expected to be active. Commercial conditions will be applied and tested from 2021 onwards. In addition, neighbouring lines and IMs will be asked to participate in the existing pilots.

Further information is also available on the Pilots Publication Platform.

Compact information on the TTR pilots is available for download in the form of slides:

The current pilot concept is available for download:

If you have further questions or wish to participate in one of the pilots, please feel free to contact the leader of the common TTR Pilots project, Mr Daniel Haltner (

Daniel Haltner

TTR Pilots

For detailed questions regarding the pilots, please feel free to also contact the leaders of the individual pilot projects:

Freddy Van Der Cruyssen

Pilot line Antwerp – Rotterdam

Floris Visser

Pilot line Antwerp – Rotterdam

Birgit Leber

Network pilot ÖBB INFRA

Michel Dupuis

SNCF Réseau
Pilot line Mannheim – Miranda de Ebro

Andri Kopperschmidt

DB Netz
Pilot line Munich-Verona