Next Steps

Taking into account the complexity of introducing common Commercial Conditions, TTR is aiming for a step-wise approach. The first step foresees an alignment of lead times for path cancellations by applicants for the IMs implementing TTR I a first wave. This challenge is tackled in a dedicated project which started its activities in September 2021.

As a first result of this work new harmonised lead times for path cancellation to and will be introduced in the Network Statements of the first wave implementing IMs for the timetable 2025. In addition to this, major path modifications will be also subject of the commercial conditions, as these are similar in nature to path cancellations. Regarding the next timetable years the commercial conditions project will look into the cases of non-usage/non-cancellation (so-called ‘no-show’) and aims to establish a steering systematic for these cases as well.

Furthermore, the project will also examine ways, how capacity-friendly behaviour by Infrastructure Managers can be encouraged through incentives (monetary and non-monetary), thereby optimising the planning of Temporary Capacity Restrictions (track works) and freeing up as much capacity as possible.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact the chair of the TTR Commercial Conditions project,  Mr  Jean-Marc Hillenberg (