The TTR and commercial experts have identified the following process elements that require steering through commercial conditions:

  • Path cancellation by applicant
  • Non-usage of a path by applicant
  • Cancellation of a partially non-used path by IM
  • Path modification by applicant
  • Path alteration by IM

Although the TTR Commercial Conditions project does not intend to harmonise the monetary aspect of these processes, it aims to have the same set of rules applied by all IMs.

This vision faces certain obstacles as no commonly applicable European commercial conditions have ever been introduced. Hence, the various national commercial conditions will have to be adapted accordingly. In some cases, IMs are not entirely or not at all in charge of drafting these commercial conditions, which adds complexity.

To overcome these obstacles, the TTR Commercial Conditions project has conducted a market research survey among members of RNE, FTE and the ERFA. Based on the results, a first draft set of commercial conditions was provided. Further activities are planned to evaluate the options for commercial conditions, which will be improved as needed based on the resulting findings and fully rolled out for timetable period 2025.