TTR aims to provide the market with more flexibility and promote better cooperation between all involved stakeholders. To achieve these improvements and ensure smooth communication in this complex environment, the timetabling process must be supported by European and national IT systems, using state of the art technology. Having identified this need, the TTR project team has conceptualised a new European IT environment – the TTR IT landscape.

The main goal of the TTR IT landscape is the digitalisation of TTR business processes and the reduction of manual data entry, using international standards (mostly TAF/TAP TSI framework) for information exchange, to

  • raise the quality of information exchanged between all stakeholders,
  • accelerate process steps by allowing for a certain extent of automation,
  • and provide easy access to all stakeholders, either via interfaces or via web browsers.

In addition to implementing specific communication standards, a main pillar of the TTR IT landscape is the use of common data components, such as basic information about railway lines and operation points, using data collected and maintained in the RNE Big Data system.