Next Steps

Following the finalisation of the IT landscape description in October 2018, RNE and FTE members have provided their input for a feasibility check in early 2019. Based on this information, an implementation timeline for the IT landscape was drafted and incorporated into the overall TTR implementation timeline. This implementation timeline includes both the national and central components (layers). The aim is to have all required IT available for the first full TTR timetable in 2025. In order to reach this goal the IT will be rolled out in two steps. First, the minimum requirements will be ready for timetable 2025. As the second step, additional requirements for full IT implementation will be developed for subsequent timetables. The implementation schedule must be strictly monitored and deviations reported.

All IT developments must be done on two levels:

  • European level (creation of central IT framework), steered by RNE and FTE
  • National implementation (inclusion of functions to support and communicate with the central IT framework), steered through national TTR projects

RNE and FTE are scheduling a road show to present TTR and the need for national implementation to stakeholders across Europe. For more details, please visit the chapter ‘TTR Implementation’.

Compact information on TTR IT is available for download in the form of slides:

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact the leader of the TTR IT Landscape project, Mr Mario Toma, RNE Senior TT IT Manager (

Mario Toma

Senior TT IT Manager