The TTR IT Landscape project approached the need for IT in several steps:


Based on these steps we have defined together with our experts an IT Landscape (also known as Digital Capacity Management / DCM) which is currently in implementation

The TTR IT Landscape

The future TTR IT landscape is split into two main blocks:

  • The central IT framework, developed by RNE
  • National and external systems, which need to communicate with the central IT framework

Being the centerpiece of the IT landscape, which takes into account the needs of the Railway Undertakings/applicants (RUs) and Infrastructure Managers/Allocation Bodies (IMs/ABs), the central TTR IT framework is defined in modules and contains layers for RUs and IMs, as well as a common layer. Each module contains its own functionalities (‘micro services’). Existing tools, such as PCS and the TCR Tool, will be integrated into this architecture. National IM and RU systems, as well as other external IT systems will communicate with the central TTR IT framework, complementing the TTR IT Landscape.