Next Steps

With the conclusion of the evaluation of TTR’s compliance with the existing legal framework, the expert group has been re-organized as a task force. In this capacity it will continue to analyse newly designed process elements and identify options for implementation.

The next items to be analysed are:

  • Obstacles Roadmap
  • Input for future Impact Assessment

The task force ‘TTR Legal Framework’ will also support TTR by providing input for developments such as updates of Network Statements and the FCA.

More information on the TTR legal framework is here:

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact the co-leaders of the TTR Legal Framework task force, Ms Elisabeth Hochhold ( (currently on maternity leave) and Mr Tsvetan Tanev (

Elisabeth Hochhold

TTR Legal Framework (on maternity leave)

Tsvetan Tanev

TTR Legal Framework
Phone :+43 (0) 664 884 248 11