The TTR Pilots in detail

As a first step, three pilot lines along Rail Freight Corridors (RFCs) were launched in 2017:

  • Mannheim – Miranda de Ebro (on RFC Atlantic)
  • Paris – Amsterdam (formerly Antwerp - Rotterdam)
  • Munich – Verona (on RFC ScanMed, concluded after TT 2021)

To complement the test results, a network pilot was launched later on by ÖBB INFRA. Contrary to initial considerations, this pilot will be introduced gradually, starting with the Baltic-Adriatic RFC line between the Czech-Austrian border and the border stations with Slovenia and Italy. Another pilot on the Rhine Valley line is under consideration and the Antwerp-Rotterdam pilot is expected to be extended to Paris and Amsterdam, to also test TTR elements relevant for passenger traffic.

The pilots have established a platform on which key documents can be found, such as the Pilot Information Documents (PIDs) and published capacity: